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Pritzuo Heiwajima is the priest version of Heiwajima Shizuo. This alternate of Shizuo was created around Halloween time.


Pritzuo first saw Izetsuki when he had gotten lost in the woods as a kid. Izetsuki followed him, interested in seeing how a child would manage to find his way home and also in Pritzuo's strength. However, Izetsuki had to run away from some other vampires who were after him that night and eventually the two of them forgot that meeting ever happened.

Pritzuo then saw Izetsuki again as an adult because of his job as a priest/exorcist. The two fought, and, despite the fact that Izetsuki was a powerful vampire, he got his ass kicked because he misjudged Pritzuo's strength. However, much like how Izaya always manages to escape Shizuo, Izetsuki was able to get away from Pritzuo.


Hunter and prey

After that, when the two fought again, Pritzuo didn't even remember who Izetsuki was anymore as the vampire was nothing more than just another vampire to him, confusing and hurting the vampire's pride. The big difference was that this time they actually exchanged words and Pritzuo got to see Izetsuki's wisdom he brushed it off as something Izetsuki acquired just because as a monster he lived a long time.

This second meeting made both of them intrigued about each other even if Izetsuki just pissed Pritzuo off and after that Pritzuo started putting his all into hunting Izetsuki while the vampire without realizing it looked forward to these  meetings and eventually started watching Pritzuo.
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- As Izetsuki's name comes from a junction of kyuketsuki (vampire in japanese) and his name, Pritzuo's name comes from a mix of Priest and Shizuo.

- The headcanons used for this and Izetsuki's page are mostly from kouka-koula's tumblr profile as they are the most concrete informations about these two versions of Shizuo and Izaya.