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Psychedelic-420, or, Psy-420, is basically the common 'Shizaya' counterpart to Virus-138, and one of the newest alternates within the fandom. Appearance wise, he wears Shizuo's bartender outfit with a bit of a technological twist. He's commonly colored green in contrast to Virus' red, and is also depicted with headphones, glasses, and guns on occasion depending on perception. He's also said to have green eyes. 

Personality and Information Edit

He seems to be the opposite of Virus, whereas Virus likes to cause havoc and mayhem, most of the chaos caused by Psy almost always has something to do with Virus. Whether it's chasing Virus and leaving a wake of collatoral damage behind him, (similarly to the infamous, many chases between Shizuo and Izaya) or hurting somebody in the process, it's almost never intended. Though as of yet he isn't often portrayed, he is commonly seen as the 'Anti-virus' to Virus' program. While this can be put into a romantic perspective (appealing to the Shizaya side of the fandom), more often than not it simply entails cleaning up after Virus or preventing him from wrecking the city. Ironically.

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