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Psychedelic-420, or sometimes simply P-420, is an fanmade alternate to Shizuo Heiwajima. Supposedly, he was a failed prototype for Psychedelic Dreamer 02 AKA Delic. He is mostly shown as a type of virus, living in a digital world with Virus 138.

P-420 is a unpopular alternate character and one of the least known alternates. However, when he is paired it is usually with Virus 138, and they have a love-hate relationship similar to Izaya's and Shizuo's.

Personality Edit

P-420 is shown having an arrogant and violent personality. Usually, he is smirking or sneering making him appear to be an asshole. He seems to represent the violence of Shizuo's personality, usually psychotic violence, making him a dark and twisted character.

On rare occasions, he is portrayed as emotionless.

Appearance Edit

P-420 is typically wears a bartender suit similar to Shizuo except his colour scheme is white and bright green. He is shown is black slacks and a black or green vest with a white dress shirt underneath. He has a green tie on that is usually loosened. Like Shizuo, he wears a pair of tinted glasses except his are tinted bright green. He also wears a pair of white and green headphones that go over the top of his head. Usually, he is shown smoking and carrying a black handgun.

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