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Introducing one of the newest Izaya alternates! Virus 138 or Vi-138 for short is the newest addition to the ever growing alternate fandom. His appearance is identical to Roppi and Izaya's however his outfit somewhat resembles Psyche's outfit. (minus the fluffy coat) He has a pair of red and black headphones that he wears all the time. Occasionally he carries a pistol. Another characteristic is his moribidly sharp teeth and startling eyes.

Personality and InformationEdit

Virus 138 is mainly characterized as a computer virus or a 'super hacker' hence the name. His personality can vary in range due to the newness of the character. Most would idenitfy him as clinically insane and wild. Sadistic and muderous in intent, he is even more cut-throat than Izaya. Some people will portay him as a hacker in the real world who has an unnatural obsession to seeking information (even more so than Izaya)  and will go to any means to obtain what it is that he desires. When he is set on a goal or something he wants, he will manipulate and stop at nothing to reach what he is aiming for. Sometimes he is seen as a bit hyper-active and almost foolish but it is normally just the surface. What lies underneath is normally a mastermind or as said before psychotic mental case. It will depend on how dark you think he truly is.


Along with Virus-138, like most pairings in the alternate family, a Shizuo alternate was given to pair with this one. The pairing for Virus 138 is Psy-420. Not to be confused with Psyche, this is a Shizuo that dresses much like his counter part Vi. But in green. In most cases he is said to be an Anti-Virus software program (when taking the two as virtual beings) Or some form of cop trying to stop Vi's hacking schemes. Either way much like Shizuo is the cat to Izayas mouse, Vi and Psy battle and chase after one another constantly. Although are normally (thanks to yaoi fangirls) paired up as a couple. The way they are paired can range from how twisted you percieve the two characters to be. Starting with fluffy sweet to a possessive dark Vi unyielding in his dependent ways. 

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Psy and Vi paired cutely together

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